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*Legend - WISEdata Ed-Fi Certification Status

  • One or more of the following criteria have been met by the vendor:
  • - Regular attendance on monthly vendor calls held by DPI
  • - Vendor development team is interacting with DPI on a regular basis via email, phone calls, etc.
  • - Vendor responds to DPI questions and requests for status updates


  • DPI is seeing vendor activity in the last 3 months in the vendor UAT sandbox environment

Participating-Certification Testing

  • Integration testing scheduled with DPI, or Integration testing with DPI is in process
  • Vendor has passed Wisconsin DPI integration tests for all or at least data domains required to be submitted to Wisconsin DPI via Ed-Fi integration.
  • Note: Choice-only vendors and specialized vendors are not required to complete integration on all possible WI DPI Ed-Fi data domains either because they cannot support some domains or all domains are not needed because of LEAs supported.
  • Vendor is only reading data from WISEdata (LEA has to authorize) to pull into their software; no create, update or delete of data in WISEdata. See 'Vendor Notes' column for more detail.

Not Participating Yet
  • A new major Ed-Fi release is available to begin development. Vendor hasn't participated in use case reviews, other release meetings and / or acknowledged they have begun analysis on the implementation. This could change, but at this time this is the status of the vendor's participation.